What to expect during a session

A welcoming introduction to my home therapy room includes taking a medical history; identifying any contraindications; and discussions regarding what you hope to achieve from reflexology or reiki treatment. Then sinking into the zero gravity chair to totally relax.


Reflexology doesn’t diagnose. It’s a complementary therapy it does not take the
place of orthodox medicine.

Reflexology has its roots in ancient times, there are several theories of how reflexology works. A belief is that the body and its organs and structures are mirrored on the feet. Reflexology involves applying pressure to specific reflex points on the feet (and can include hands, ears & face) using thumb, finger and hand techniques. It is thought that the application of pressure to reflex points triggers a response to allow the body to rest, relax and achieve balance. Reflexology helps the body to energise, and achieve a sense of balance and relaxation.

It is known to be effective in reducing pain, calming the mind, reducing stress and tension, improving sleep, and releasing muscular tension to increase the range of movement.

The frequency of treatments is very individual and dependent on health and reasons for reflexology. Results can be accumulative. A good starting point is weekly for 4-6 sessions followed by every two weeks or monthly to maintain a sense of well-being.

£40.00 per session


Anne-Marie in a reflexology session with a lady lying on her back, feet towards Anne-Marie

I was lucky to find Anne-Marie when I moved home to England after working abroad for 15 years. Her clinic is in her home and has a calm and welcoming ambience.

As a practitioner, she is diligent, caring, and focused entirely on her client. She is a nurse as well as being a reflexologist and the combination makes me completely confident in her treatments. I started seeing Anne-Marie at a time when I was sleeping badly; after each of her sessions, I slept solidly for 8-9 hours.

I recommend her to anyone wanting to try reflexology or who needs to ‘re-boot’ and is seeking a professional they can trust.

Sue B

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)

RLD is a specific sequence of reflexology movements that stimulates the lymphatic reflex on the hands or feet. The sequence follows the anatomical and physiological pathway that occurs within our bodies. The sequence also mirrors the pathways used in Medical/Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

The lymphatic system is part of our immune system, damage to the lymphatics prevents normal onward flow of lymphatic fluid which causes swelling – lymphoedema. Stimulating the lymphatic system through Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage supports immune functions and encourages the onward flow of lymphatic fluid.

Following cancer treatment and where lymph nodes have been removed, there is a lifetime risk of developing lymphoedema. The research so far demonstrates limb volume reductions, the sensation of fluid draining has been reported, softening of tissues and improving limb shape.

The RLD sequence has also been found to be effective with primary and secondary lymphoedema (cancer and non-cancer related), lipoedema and autoimmune conditions.

£40.00 per session

Anne-Marie in a reflexology session holding clients foot

I saw Anne-Marie before, during, and now after a second treatment for breast cancer. I have lymphodema in my left arm from a first bout of breast cancer 17 years ago. My sessions with her undoubtedly helped me during an extremely stressful time.

Her training in reflexology and many years as an NHS nurse made me feel 100% confident that her advice was good. The sessions were thorough and her clinic has a calming atmosphere. Now I am able to return to physiotherapy, measurements show my lymphodema has reduced from 13% to 5%. I can wholeheartedly recommend Anne-Marie to anyone seeking therapy for lymphodema.

Sue B

Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology in pregnancy aims to optimise the health and wellbeing of pregnant clients. In pregnancy, many physical and psychological changes occur to a woman’s body, including commonly occurring, pregnancy-related minor complaints.

I have additional training in Pregnancy Reflexology, I use techniques designed for
the different stages of pregnancy to help to prepare the body for labour and birth. I use reflexology sequences to help with morning sickness, constipation, pelvic girdle pain, back pain, stress, heartburn, itching skin, and swollen feet and ankles.

Evidence shows regular reflexology can reduce pain and stress levels in labour and may lead to a shorter 2nd stage of labour. The suggested frequency of treatments is monthly then weekly from 37 weeks.

£40.00 per session

Therapies by Anne-Marie - Maternity Reflexology

Anne-Marie creates a very welcoming and relaxing environment. She takes time to ask questions to ensure she has a view of my overall health, and following the treatment we will discuss her findings – there is always truth in her comments and always relief of symptoms following treatment.

Six months after I had my first baby, I saw Anne-Marie for some reflexology to help with some aches and pains I had been experiencing since giving birth. After just the first session I was very pleasantly surprised at how much better I felt and wished I had gone to see her sooner! So when I fell pregnant with my second baby I decided I would have some reflexology during my pregnancy and postpartum again.

I had regular sessions from around 30 weeks, by which point I felt the general aches, pains and fatigue that comes with being so pregnant. I had sciatica, regular headaches and my energy levels were low.

The experience is extremely relaxing and feels more like having a treatment at a spa. In the days and weeks following treatment I always felt relief in my symptoms. 

I had sessions right up until the day before I gave birth. Despite not having any obvious signs the baby was on his way, Anne-Marie had a suspicion that the birth was extremely imminent. She was right… my baby arrived less than 12 hours afterwards. 

As with my first baby, I felt aches, pains and fatigue in the immediate postpartum period. Reflexology definitely helped with these symptoms and my recovery, in general, was much quicker than the first time around. 

I would highly recommend Anne-Marie’s services. She is always prompt in responding to messages and very approachable and gentle in her nature. I would recommend maternity reflexology to all pregnant women, it not only relieves symptoms but also provides an hour of well-deserved relaxation!


Reflexology for Menopause

Menopause can be a challenging time, but reflexology can help!  Reflexology can help to give the body some natural support to promote overall well-being and reduce stress levels.  Working on specific pressure points on the feet, that correspond to the various hormone-secreting glands, can help to regulate hormone levels and support your body’s natural processes during menopause. This has a positive effect on the many menopausal symptoms such as mood swings and anxiety, hot flushes and insomnia.

I understand the physical and emotional changes behind menopausal symptoms. The Five Pillars for Healthy Menopause are strategies to guide women, to make healthy life style choices, in the five key areas of Nutrition; Movement; Relaxation (managing stress levels); Sleep and Purpose. If you would like, as part of your reflexology session we can look at these  in greater depth.  Perhaps start by changing one element and note the difference, this can lead to a positive shift, and when supported by regular reflexology this can significantly help and support women who are navigating their way through the many and changing menopausal symptoms.

£40.00 per session

Therapies by Anne-Marie - Reflexology for Menopause

When I enter Anne-Marie’s treatment room I am transported to a place of calm.  I love my reflexology treatments. When I first started my treatments I was getting many hot flushes throughout the day, my head was all over the place and I was becoming an anxious person.  Anne-Marie takes time to listen, she has encouraged me to make small lifestyle changes, I have started with daily walks and journaling.

Reflexology with Anne-Marie has helped me so much; right now I am feeling less stressed, more focused and my hot flushes seem less intense.  I can recommend anyone struggling with menopause to have reflexology with Anne-Marie

Mary C


Reiki is a form of healing originating from the teachings of Dr Mikao Usui in Japan.

Simply translated Rei means universal and Ki means life energy. ‘Everything is energy’ – Einstein. Reiki encourages physical and emotional balance. It helps energy to flow to energise or relax or whatever the body and mind need at the time.  Reiki is a very individual experience

What to expect from a Reiki treatment

The client remains fully clothed and comfortably relaxed on the couch. During
reiki, I place my hands slightly above or on the body to channel the energy to where it is most needed. As the energy flows into the physical body it can help to clear and unblock chakras (energy centres) free flowing energy can stimulate the body’s own healing ability.

It may assist with health problems; help to focus the mind – helping us to find solutions to problems; it can help relieve stress and anxiety. When the body is in a relaxed state, this can have a positive effect on pain management.

£40.00 per session

Anne-Marie giving reiki to her client, holding her hands over her face

I arrived for my Reiki treatment with Anne Marie to a beautifully calm, delicately scented, candlelit room. The session was totally relaxing and I experienced a feeling of stillness and peacefulness, sensations of warmth and visions of colours and images. 

I slept amazingly that night. 

I value the opportunity to stop, reconnect and reset.”

Sue S

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Give a gift of relaxation and calm to someone that you care about.

Therapies by Anne-Marie gift vouchers make a thoughtful alternative self-care present for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Valentines, thank you or anytime gifts.

Give the gift of Reiki or Reflexology each treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual – £40 per treatment.

Contact me by telephone, text or email.  Gift vouchers can be collected or posted via first-class Mail on the day of purchase.

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